Case Studies

Pathways 21 has a wealth of consulting experience in helping companies achieve success; here are a few cases

The consultancy team at Pathways 21 have extensive experience advising for a variety of companies across the private sector and the community-based sector, from funding advice to training, from marketing campaigns to editorial deliveries, plus digital services. Here are some citations of projects the team have successfully worked on.


Phynd Me

Pathways 21 undertook a business development programme for Phynd Me, a digital services company based in the North West of England. The work included:

  • Development of community opportunities strategy for the company
  • Identification of potential community funding sources/projects for the organisation
  • Identification of potential investors for the company
  • Review of the business model


Pathways 21 undertook a capacity building and business development consultancy brief for CESI, a community organisation based in London. This work included:

  • Consultancy and training
  • Business plan support and development
  • Capacity building business support and social enterprise development services
  • Partnership development
  • Place making and community engagement

We delivered a capacity building plan and helped to develop the new business plan for the organisation to develop its services over the next five years.


Family Mosaic

Pathways 21 undertook a range of business development and fundraising activities for Family Mosaic, one of London’s largest housing associations at the time. The work included:

  • Identification and development of partnership projects
  • Identification of potential funding sources including private, public and community sources
  • Development of community projects
  • Development of funding applications

The work resulted in a range of new projects being developed and successful applications for over £100k of funding during the period.